Sup! Thanks for checking out my site. I am basically using this site for my own personal playground, but if someone comes across who wants to learn about the wonders of programming feel free to take a gander and step into the world of computer science. Feel free to ask me any questions along the way.

Programming Basics

Learn modern programming practices
such as: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and more...

Secure Coding

Learn how to keep your code secure
on every layer that you code.


It's the future of programming,
get on board now!
About Me
My name is Eric Kinneberg and I'm a Senior Web Developer from Minneapolis Mn.
I program with PHP, MySQL, Oracle, JavaScript, Smarty, HTML, CSS, Ajax, XML, SOAP, PEAR, jQuery professionally.
Eric Kinneberg
Sr Web Developer
Programming is super-duper!
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